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Six-Year-Old Girl Dies Saving Her Baby Brother From Boiling Water

A six-year-old girl dies saving her baby brother from boiling water. First, no ambulance arrived. Second, it took hours before her burns got treated.

Nov 21, 20231029 Shares42879 Views
Somewhere in Russia, a six-year-old girl dies saving her baby brother from boiling water.
A young girl who sacrificed her life to save her baby brother is now praised as a hero in a tiny Russian village of Suuk-Chishma in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan, Daily Mail reported.
Masha Yantuganova died from severe burns after she threw herself on top of her baby brother in the intent of saving him from boiling water from a falling electric kettle.
Masha’s mother, Tatyana, said her one-and-a-half-year-old son would have been killed if not for the brave actions of his older sister.
Sadly, six-year-old Masha later died, as she suffered from severe third degree burns that led to complications.

Accident At Home

Dima, the younger child, had been playing inside their house with his sister when he accidentally caught a cable to an electric kettle with his leg, the parents of the kids shared as reported by Mirror.
As the electric kettle was falling and boiling water rushed towards the boy, Masha heroically thrown herself over her brother, letting the boiling hot water pour over her body.
Tatyana said she heard her daughter’s horrifying screams, as she saw Masha run out of the house looking for her mother.
The mother said:
She was in terrible pain but didn’t cry as she didn’t want to worry me. She just kept saying that I had to take care of Dima.- Tatyana Yantuganova
Upon learning what happened, other members of the family quickly called for an ambulance, while Tatyana soaked both children in icy water.

No Ambulance

Time passed by but no ambulance came, the desperate mother borrowed a neighbor’s car and rushed her children to a local hospital.
Unfortunately, Tatyana said they were “made to wait for up to an hour before they could see a doctor.”
According to Tatyana, after waiting for a long time, the doctors arrived and smeared ointment over her baby boy. However, the doctors said they had run out of ointment and didn’t have enough for Masha.
Left without a choice, the mother brought Masha to another hospital, as the little girl lost consciousness on their way.

Transferred To Another Hospital

Reaching the next hospital, Masha was taken into an intensive care unit (ICU) but unfortunately passed away after a few hours.
Tatyana said:
Masha died in the hospital. The doctors said she had burns on 60 percent of her body. She died because of lack of first aid.- Tatyana Yantuganova
She added:
My son, Dima, had burns on 40 percent of his body, but he is alive because he got treatment.- Tatyana Yantuganova
Masha may have survived the ordeal if an ambulance came or if the first hospital she was first brought in responded quickly.
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