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Suspect In Friend’s Murder Asked IPhone, ‘Where To Dump Body?’

You might not believe this but a suspect in friend’s murder asked iPhone, “Where to dump body?” It’s a love story that turned tragic. Someone died in the end.

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A suspect in friend’s murder asked iPhone, “Where to dump body?”
A 20-year-old student accused of killing his friend and roommate allegedly asked iPhone’s Siri for assistance where he could possibly hide the body, the trial for the case revealed.
During the court hearing, Detective Matt Goeckel of Gainesville Police Department testified at the trial at Alachua County Criminal Justice Center in Florida that murder suspect, Pedro Bravo, turned to his smartphone for help in looking for an ideal place to dump a dead body.

The Gainesville Love Triangle

Bravo was accused of killing his friend, Christian Aguilar, 18, on September 20, 2012 over an argument about the victim’s dating the suspect’s former girlfriend, Erika Friman.
On the day of Aguilar’s disappearance, Goeckel testified based on data recovered from the accused iPhone, Bravo supposedly told Siri, the smartphone’s digital-voice assistant:
I need to hide my roommate.- Pedro Bravo
Siri allegedly replied:
What kind of place are you looking for?- Siri
Then Siri suggested some places like swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries, and dumps.
However, Bravo’s lawyer argued there was no sufficient evidence to prove it was Bravo himself who made the inquiry and the screen grab recovered from the suspect’s phone is just one of the hundred photos.
A side view of a somber Pedro Bravo in a dark suit sitting in a courtroom in Gainesville, Florida
A side view of a somber Pedro Bravo in a dark suit sitting in a courtroom in Gainesville, Florida

A Fatal Twist

Bravo was accused of drugging Aguilar on the day the latter disappeared, then strangling him inside a car before dumping his body 60 miles away from where they were last seen together.
A closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showed the two were last seen buying a Kanye CD at a Best Buy store in Gainesville, Florida.
Aguilar’s body was accidentally discovered weeks later by a hunter buried in a shallow grave in a remote woods southwest of Gainesville.

IPhone Flashlight

The 20-year-old University of Florida student was charged with murder on September 28, 2012, even before the body was discovered. He earlier admitted to beating his friend, but not to killing him.
The two had a falling out after Bravo’s ex-girlfriend, Friman, dumped him and began dating his friend Aguilar.
Apart from the inquiry on dumping a body, Detective Goeckel further testified that the recovered data from Bravo’s iPhone revealed the suspect used the phone’s flashlight from 11:31 p.m. to 12:01 a.m. on the day the victim vanished.
The police said Bravo could have been using the flashlight while burying Aguilar’s body.


Tracking the suspect’s cell phone ‘pings’ also revealed inconsistencies with Bravo’s alibi about his movements that day.
The signal supposedly headed towards the general direction where Aguilar’s body was found.
A medical examiner, who also testified in the trial, ruled out “natural death, suicide, and accidental” in the case.

Trial Not Yet Over

The murder trial continues and is expected to be concluded next week, but the veracity of the iPhone inquiry as evidence is yet to be proven in court.
Meanwhile, a recent experiment by Buzzfeed showed the iPhone does not offer advice on how to dump a dead body.
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