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A Police Officer Suspected Of Stealing A Motorcycle Was Killed In A Shootout


According to a report from the Central Luzon regional police, a police officer suspected of stealing a motorcycle was killed in a shootout with members of the Clark Development Corp (CDC) and security guards on Thursday at a parking lot of a mall. PO1 Joman Batul, a member of the Provincial Public Safety Command in Oriental Mindoro, passed away from three head wounds. This is according to a report filed to Chief Supt. Rudy Lacadin by Angeles City Police Chief Supt. Sydney Villaflor.

PO1 Batul, who was 28 years old, died at an Ospital ning Angeles. The report says that at 3:40 p.m., Batul stole a motorcycle that was parked in front of a Jollibee store across from SM City Clark.

When CDC police saw Batul, he ran toward the parking lot of the mall, where a gunfight broke out. Jake Machinal, who works for the CDC police, said that Batul told him he was a police officer when they first met. "I was going to put him in jail, but he shot at me. The guards at the mall started shooting at him," Machinal said.

Angeles City Police Chief Supt. said over the phone that Batul, who lives in Caloocan City, was not in uniform at the time of the incident. Moreover, he also denied that there was a stampede in the mall, as was said in the news.

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Motorcycle Theft?

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According to the state Department of Motor Vehicles, the theft of motorcycles in New York City has increased dramatically, 63% last year. There were 985 motorcycle thefts in 2018, compared to 604 in 2019, which has recently issued neighborhood alerts about it. So, how can you keep someone from stealing your motorcycle or your car?

Think like a thief before you try to catch one. And the same idea works for keeping your motorcycle safe from thieves. If you look at different motorcycle theft prevention forums and communities, like Reddit and Quora, you might find some tips that really work to keep your motorcycle from getting stolen.

Lock Your Steering Lock

Even though it's easy to break, your bike's steering lock can be a first line of defense and make it harder to move the bike. Even better, if your scooter's ignition lock and steering lock are different, the thief will have to break two locks to get away with your scooter.

Don't Let Your Lock Touch The Floor

No matter what kind of lock you use, don't put it on the ground. A thief is more likely to be able to break it if it's on the ground. If you put the lock up and away from the ground, the thief probably won't be able to open it as easily. The lock or chain should be secured through the frame, fork, or wheel.

Use Disc Lock For Extra Protection

Motorcycle disk locks are small but strong locks that attach to the rotor of your motorcycle's disk brakes. The lock will keep the wheel from turning by preventing it from hitting the brake caliper or wheel forks. A disc lock might make it hard for people to ride their bikes for fun, but a determined thief can just lift the bike onto the back of a waiting truck.

Alarm Your Bike

Alarms might seem like a good way to get people's attention when someone is trying to steal your bike, but most people are so used to false alarms that they don't bother to look or even investigate. But everyone notices sounds of destruction, like glass breaking. When it falls over, a big stack of beer bottles connected by a wire makes a sound that everyone will want to check out.

Preventing Motorcycle Theft - What You Can Do

5 Steps To Take To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Final Thoughts

The news about a police officer suspected of stealing a motorcycle was killed in a shootout only shows that motorcycle theft is alarming. If you follow the advice and tips in this article, you will save your motorcycle as well as your life.

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