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Announcement Of Boys Over Flowers PHs Cancellation Did Not Come From GMA


If you were hoping to see a remake of Pinoy Boys Over Flowers in 2018, we're sorry to say that won't happen. Plans have been scrapped for a number of reasons. The announcement of Boys Over Flowers PHs cancellation did not come from GMA.

Here's what a Meteor Garden fan page on Facebook had to say about Boys Over Flowers being canceled here in the Philippines:

Update - Philippines' Remake Of Boys Over Flower This 2018 Is Already Cancelled

UNOFFICIAL-Boys Over Flowers-Philippine Remake-Soon On ABS-CBN

A few days after the Meteor Garden 2018 Press Conference, it was reported that Boys Over Flowers Korea would be remade.

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But because of the following, it was already canceled:

  • Hana Yori Dango manga, which is where the story came from in the first place, can only be made again every three years. So you can't show both versions at the same time.
  • The station bought the rights from KBS, but the rights for Boys Over Flowers Adaptation must come from the author Yoko Kamio and Sheshua Publishing House. So, they have to pay for two rights just to make a new version.
  • The same people made both Meteor Garden 2001 and Meteor Garden 2018. They even went to Japan to talk to Yoko Kamio about it.
  • If they really want to make a BOF adaptation right now, they have to pay for the copyright this year and again in 3 years.

Let's just wait until Meteor Garden 2018 comes out, guys.

So there it is. Making a remake is hard and expensive, so the local producers don't want to deal with it. Remember that they did the same thing when they turned Shaider into Zaido.

But Not Everyone Is Sad; Some Are Cringing

Netizen's reaction on Twitter
Netizen's reaction on Twitter

You might think that Filipinos would be happy about this news but a quick look at today's Twitter feed will show that most netizens don't feel that way. Get ready for some serious shade and a never-ending stream of memes.

As seen in the image above, those are the people who are disgusted by what GMA wants to happen.

People Also Ask

When Did Boys Over Flowers Aired In PH?

Boys Over Flowers, the Korean adaptation of the show, was aired in the Philippines in 2009 and was also successful in capturing the attention of viewers there.

Is There A Filipino Version Of Boys Over Flowers?

Because there is no official connection between the two, you should not consider it to be related to the manga in any way. Boys Over Flowers is the title of an aborted Filipino adaptation of the Boys Over Flowers Korean drama, which is itself based on the Boys Over Flowers manga written by Yoko Kamio.

Is Meteor Garden Copied From Boys Over Flowers?

It should not be considered to have any official connection to the manga because there is none. Boys Over Flowers is the title of a canceled adaptation of the Korean drama of the same name, which was based on the manga written by Yoko Kamio. The original manga was published in Japan.

Final Words

Boys over Flowers was one of the best things that happened the year it was released, and those who want to see how it was adopted in the Philippines can do so on YouTube.

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