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Best Movies About Magic Ever Made

What works in front of a live audience of annoyed and trusting customers doesn't work at all when it is filmed and shown over and over again. Hollywood has tried many times to use this method to make its own movies more interesting. Some movies about magic and TV shows show what they do.

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Every movie about magic has a line that goes something like, "Magic doesn't work on TV or movies because the camera can't be moved. It keeps quiet and watches everything, so the magician can't use their skills to pull off their trick. All theater shows have this problem, of course.
What works in front of a live audience of annoyed and trusting customers doesn't work at all when it is filmed and shown over and over again. Hollywood has tried many times to use this method to make its own movies more interesting. Some movies about magicand TV shows show what they do.
Other times, magic is shown as a real, easy-to-understand gift from an unknown source. In fact, that movie made us think about what the best movies about magic and magicians are. This collection comes with a warning, of course. First, let's take care of this right away.

Best Movies About Magic

There is usually more magic, sorcery, and illusion in fairy tales and family movies than in other types of media, but this isn't always the case. Movies that deal with these kinds of issues rarely get higher than a PG-13 rating, but magic isn't just about Mary Poppins.
Magic is a big idea that can be used in many different ways, from the utter amazement of Studio Ghiblifilms to the evil wonder of Pan's Labyrinth. Here are some of the best movies about magic and illusion, whether they take place in a high-fantasy otherworld or a remote castle in the near present.


Even though it's not based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ron Howard's Willow is a good movie. In the fantasy movie, Warwick Davisplays Willow, a farmer who has to take care of a young boy who will eventually defeat the evil Queen Bavmorda.
With the help of fairies, broonies, and Val Kilmer as the swordsman Madmartigan, Willow learns to control his magical abilities while he is traveling. Since this is a fantasy movie, Willow beats Bavmorda and learns that good always wins, which is fitting.
Willow animated poster
Willow animated poster


There is a lot of magic in this movie, from the mechanical automaton that starts the search for its rightful owner to the fact that Georges Melies is really a former stage performer who he has been pretending to be. In fact, the director, Martin Scorsese, uses cutting-edge technology to tell a story that is based on the very first rules of movies.
Even better, he shows how Melies used his training as an actor to put his amazing flights of imagination on the big screen so that everyone could see them. Magic and magicians are important to the success of the movie, even though there is much more to it than this.

The Prestige

This is more proof, along with Inception, Memento, and The Following, that Christopher Nolan is one of the best, if not the best, directors working today.
This story about rival magicians and how far they will go to beat each other has great acting, a clever plot, perfect direction, and a conclusion that will leave you in awe of how complicated it is.
It's still not clear why that year's award for the best magic movie went to The Illusionist instead of this. Maybe Nolan needed The Dark Knight's huge box office success to show that this underrated movie is really great.

Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson Sisters are some of the most loved characters from Halloween movies. The excellent Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Milder, and Kathy Najimy play witches, and they just want to be young and attractive once more.


Matthew Vaughn turned Neil Gaiman's book Stardust into a movie. In the movie, there are three witches who want to stay beautiful, as well as a pirate (Robert De Niro), unicorns, and a star that looks like a woman (Claire Danes). In the book, Tristan Thorn, played by Charlie Cox of Daredevil, falls in love with a famous person and makes the decision to take control of his own life.

The Witch

Horror movie fans refer to Robert Eggers' 2015 film The Witch as a "modern classic" because it takes a frightening look at magic and witchcraft. A very religious family in the seventeenth century views magic as a sign of death and evil in the novel The Witch.
Most of the movie makes you wonder if what's happening is real or if it's just religious fanaticism, but the last scene makes it clear that the occult things that happened in the movie were definitely real. Even though it is very different from how most movies show magic, you should still watch this one.

Spirited Away

The main character of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away is Chihiro, a little girl who is trapped in the spirit world. Chihiro has to work in Yubaba's bathhouse to get her parents back to the human world after the witch Yubaba turns them into pigs.


Now That You See Me

An FBI agent and an Interpol detective are looking for a group of magicians who rob banks while putting on shows and then give the money to their fans as a reward.

The Lord Of The Rings Series

Fantasy fans consider J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth to be legendary. Many movies, video games, and other forms of media have been made from his original writings. Some fans might be surprised to learn that many of the sources for this modern series are already more than 50 years old. For example, "The Hobbit," which was one of Tolkien's first books, came out in 1937.
Gandalf fighting the balrog
Gandalf fighting the balrog

The Neverending Story

When compared to German director Wolfgang Petersen's other films, this 1984 masterpiece can seem out of place. The grim realism he is known for is a far cry from a happy fantasy adventure with dragons and other creatures. But "The Neverending Story" manages to be a fairly dark fairy tale beneath the surface.

People Also Ask

What's That One Magician Movie?

  • The Illusionist.
  • The Prestige.
  • Now You See Me.
  • Now You See Me Two.
  • The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.
  • Magicians.
  • Sleight.

Who Is The Best Magician Movie?

The Illusionist is an American romantic mystery movie from 2006 that stars Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel. Neil Burger wrote and directed the movie. It is mostly based on the short story "Eisenheim the Illusionist" by Steven Millhauser.

What Are Some Wizards From Movies?

  • Jareth the Goblin King from 'Labyrinth' (1986).
  • Tim the Enchanter from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' (1975).
  • Merlin from 'Excalibur' (1981).
  • Harry Potter from 'Harry Potter' Franchise (2001-2011).
  • Merlin from 'The Sword in the Stone' (1963).


Magic has been a big part of stories for thousands of years, and for the foreseeable future, movies will continue to have witches, wizards, spells, and other magical elements. You can learn more about magic by reading the articles on Joynumber about magic, telling fortunes, and clairvoyance.
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