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The Viral Disneyland PH Post Is A Hoax

The viral Disneyland PH post is a hoax. An article about the alleged $350-million investment of Disneyland to build a theme park in the Philippines is currently making the rounds over the internet; leaving netizens unaware that the news is coming from a hoax website.

Feb 17, 2023140 Shares1939 Views
The viral Disneyland PH post is a hoax. An article about the alleged $350-million investment of Disneyland to build a theme park in the Philippines is currently making the rounds over the internet; leaving netizens unaware that the news is coming from a hoax website.
In an article published by an online feature website, it was disclosed that the status update shared by the a Facebook page was merely copied from a website meant for social experiments.

The Hoax News

Disney Confirms $350m Investment For Disneyland Philippines!
Once we finalize the deal with the land owners, we will start the construction as soon as possible. Our target is to open by summer of 2018,- Paulson
Paulson said.
Another executive Mark Paulson said that the Disneyland Philippines could provide at least twelve thousand local jobs.
It has nothing to do with our meeting with the Philippine president last week. The plan was already finalized before and meeting with President Aquino was just to finalize the deal,- Bird
Bird noted.
Bird clarified that the Philippine investment plan was decided two years ago, contrary to the report that President Aquino convinced the company.
I think Metro Manila is already extremely crowded. We need at least 125 acres (50 hectares) of land to house the Disneyland Philippines,- Flippatos
Flippatos said.
It was announced earlier in one of the company’s press releases that possible locations includes Batangas, Laguna, Bulacan, and Pampanga area.
Bird said they will visit the country next month (March) to shop for a great location.
Vice President for global public policy Jim Flippatos said Disney finds the Philippines as a great location for entertainment and amusement goers.
Filipinos need not to go to other countries to visit Disneyland anymore after 2 years starting today after The Walt Disney Company CEO Andy Bird, announced on Friday that the company has set aside $350 million to be invested in the Philippines.
Disney Confirms $350M Investment for Disneyland Philippines February 29, 2016
However, most of the netizens failed to check the link that is attached at the bottom of the post, which points to the original source of the article.
According to the “About” page of the said website, the site’s purpose is not actually to produce real news articles, but simply to check how gullible online users are.
This is an experimental site created to measure the gullibility of most netizens who don’t know and/or refuse to use Google and other search engines in order to search the truth. Our purpose is not to tease, insult, mock, or bully a certain celebrity, people, or organization. This site is created for both entertainment and educational purposes.,- The website
the page read.

Final Words

Netizens are hereby reminded to always verify the veracity of articles made available on the World Wide Web, as there are some websites that publish hoax posts.
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