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James Coburn - An American Film And Television Actor

One of the "Tough Guys" of American cinema, Academy Award winner James Coburn is most remembered for his portrayal as Glen Whitehouse, the controlling father of a young police officer in the drama movie "Affliction."

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One of the "Tough Guys" of American cinema, Academy Award winner James Coburnis most remembered for his portrayal as Glen Whitehouse, the controlling father of a young police officer in the drama movie "Affliction."
James Coburn, a lanky actor with a tough appearance and a gravely voice, is credited with popularizing the "Macho Man" stereotype in American film. This rugged man wasn't a cutesy chocolate-boy hero who charmed the ladies! He was a fast-paced action hero who lit up the screen with his action scenes.

Quick Facts About James Coburn

Full Name James Harrison Coburn III
Date of Birth and DeathAug 31, 1928 - Nov 18, 2002
ProfessionActor, Voice Actor
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$10 Million
Place of BirthLaurel
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

James Coburn's Early Life

James Coburn, Jr., and Mylet Johnson welcomed James Coburn into the world on August 31, 1928, in Nebraska. The family lived in poverty when his father, who had had a garage company, lost everything during the Great Depression. He attended Compton Junior College before enlisting in the American Army.
While stationed in Germany, he was requested to narrate Army training videos in addition to his duties as a truck driver. After serving in the army, he chose to pursue acting since this sparked his passion for movies. He signed up to study theater at Los Angeles City College.
He participated in many school plays and had outstanding performances in each one. At the La Jolla Playhouse, he made his theatrical debut in Billy Budd by Herman Melville. He traveled to New York to attend the Stella Adler Conservatory before moving back to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

James Coburn's Career

In 1959, James Coburn made his debut on the big screen in the movie "Ride Lonesome." Only a year later, he was cast with Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson, and Robert Vaughn in John Sturges' renowned western "The Magnificent Seven" as Brit, the knife master.
James Coburn was able to continue a string of acting gigs throughout the next few years, including appearances in "The Rifleman," "Perry Mason," and "Bonanza." James and John Sturges worked together once again in 1963 on the historical drama "The Great Escape," which dealt with WWII prisoners of war.
It is undeniable that James Coburn's total net worth has considerably increased as a result of all these assignments. The 1960s and 1970s were the height of James Coburn's career, during which time he appeared in some of his most illustrious roles, including "Charade" (1963), "The Americanization of Emily" (1964), and "Major Dundee" (1965).
James Coburn gained a lot of fame in 1966 after starring in "Our Man Flint," a James Bond spoof film, and was listed as Hollywood's No. 12 biggest star. Sergio Leone's 1971 western "Duck, You Sucker!" (Duck, You Fool) starred James as an Irish rebel and explosives expert. James Coburn's fame and net worth undoubtedly rose as a result of all these commitments.
Due to his severe rheumatoid arthritis, James Coburn appeared in fewer movies throughout the 1980s. Despite the discomfort, he went back to acting in the 1990s, appearing in several supporting parts in films including "Maverick" (1994), starring Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson; "Eraser" (1996); and "The Nutty Professor" (1996), starring Eddie Murphy in the major roles (yes, roles!).
James Coburn won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1997 for his portrayal of Glen Whitehouse in the drama "Affliction." In Pixar's animated comedy "Monsters, Inc.," one of James' last jobs involved voice acting (2001). All of these positions had a beneficial financial influence on James Coburn.
James Coburn Smoking Cigarette
James Coburn Smoking Cigarette

Personal Life Of James Coburn

Between 1959 and 1979, when he divorced, James Coburn was married to Beverly Kelly, with whom he had a single child. James married Paula O'Hara in 1993, and they were married until he died in 2002. At the age of 74, James Coburn died of a heart attack on November 18, 2002, in Beverly Hills, California.

Interesting Facts About James Coburn

  • The American state of Nebraska is where James Coburn was born.
  • The zodiac sign of James Coburn is Virgo.
  • The role of Glen Whitehouse in Affliction earned him an Academy Award.
  • From 1959 through 1979, he was married for the first time.
  • Reading, photography, studying, and traveling are some of his interests.

The Net Worth Of James Coburn

James Coburn, an American actor, had a $10 million fortune. November 2002 saw the passing of James Coburn. Coburn had more than 170 acting credits, which aided in his ability to earn a sizable sum of money.

People Also Ask

What City Was James Coburn Born In?

He is from Laurel, United States of America

What Does James Coburn Do For A Living?

He works as a movie actor.

What Is James Coburn's Age?

James Coburn passed away at the age of 74.


James Coburn was a gifted actor who transitioned from a carefree young guy to an experienced character actor with ease. He was a superb actor who will always be recognized for his superb work in several films.
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